Did Adolph Hitler Really Commit Suicide In 1945?

Adolph Hitler, born in 1889, was undoubtedly one of the most evil men to have ever walked the planet.

His life came to an end on April the 30th, 1945, in his bunker under the Reich Chancellery in Berlin where he reportedly took a cyanide capsule before shooting himself in the head.

Or did it?

Did Adolph Hitler Really Commit Suicide In 1945

The day after Hitler’s ‘suicide’ German radio made the announcement that the fuehrer had died whilst leading his troops in battle.

Shortly afterwards the Soviet news service – Tass – picked up on the story but, curiously, added that –

‘by spreading the news of Hitler’s death, the German Fascists apparently wish to give Hitler the means of leaving the stage and going underground.’

A couple of months later, during the Potsdam Conference in July, Joseph Stalin made the claim that Hitler had escaped to either Spain or Argentina.

(The claim that Hitler died in Spain after the war ended has been expanded upon in an article that questions whether he was in fact a British double agent.)

Interestingly, at the time that Stalin made this claim the Russians already had the remains of Hitler and his wife of one day, Eva Braun, in their possession, having recovered them from their grave in the Chancellery’s garden.

Of course it should be noted that Stalin was, perhaps, somewhat paranoid about whether Hitler really was dead (Hitler was known to have had at least 3 ‘doubles’.)

The initial reports that Stalin would have received were contradictory – Hitler had taken cyanide in addition to shooting himself, leading to Stalin hearing 2 very different reports on the demise of the fuehrer.

When Soviet autopsy reports were released in 1968 they claimed that the bodies had been positively identified as belonging to Braun and Hitler after referencing their dental records.

Despite this evidence, alleged sightings of Hitler continued long after the war ended, leading to a whole host of other conspiracy theories…

Do you believe that Adolph Hitler killed himself in his bunker?

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  2. Mystery says:

    I think that hitler was a very powerful man and very smart and that he did not suicide himself he had doubles and escaped underground . what really happened to him ???? the mystery remains

  3. I read once that Hitler ended up living in Iceland or at one of the poles after the war. Didn’t believe a word of it though.

  4. Hoax.

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