Deutsche Telekom Live Cyber Attack Map Shows China To Be Not So Bad

If you are a follower of security news then events over the last few weeks may have left you with the impression that the majority of cyber attacks going on right now originate from China and/or are targeting those who use the Android operating system on their mobile devices.

Whilst there may be some truth in both of those assumptions a nifty live map from Deutsche Telekom reminds us that there is far more going on in the attack world than we would believe merely from reading news headlines.


The live map, which gets its data from various honeypots, updates itself every few seconds and gives an amazing insight into the types of attack being perpetrated as well as the countries they originate from. The still image above shows this clearly – the darker the colour for any given country the more attacks that are being detected as having come from there.

In the case of China there is a nice light pink shade which means they are being a tad naughty at the moment but look up a bit and you’ll see that the vast majority of attacks are originating in Russia. Adding some numbers from last month shows that Deutsche Telekom honeypots detected 2,402,722 attacks coming out of Russia vs 168,146 via China. Of course this doesn’t tell the whole tale – some attacks are worse than others – but it does add some perspective.


And for those of you who read F-Secure’s Q4 2012 Mobile Threat Report yesterday you’ll likely think that mobile malware is a massive problem right now. Thats not entirely correct though – it is worth talking about and it is a problem that is growing quickly – but web site attacks are still a bigger issue as you can see in the pie chart above.

Check out the live map yourself.

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