Designing Web Content To Fit All Screen Resolutions

Last decade’s technology is so unthinkable by current standards in that monitor resolutions exceeding 800 x 600 pixels were very rare back then.

Today, the commonly-accepted norm is 1024 x 768, with each year seeing this number jump to steadily climbing proportions.

To better appreciate the wonders of technology and its contribution to monitor design, a brief background on what these dimensions stand for should be explored.

In lay terms, the numbers state the measurement of the size of the image in terms of pixels.

The higher the number, the clearer the resolution becomes.

matching web content to screen size

matching web content to screen size

Pixels are those miniscule dots of light that, together, form the entire image on a screen.

According to some surveys, about half of current users have screens with 1024 x 768 resolutions.

The rest either put up with 800 x 600, or enjoy resolutions that are much bigger.

Obviously, there are big differences in the preferences or capabilities of modern users when it comes to screen size, but for the web designer to build content that will fit all monitors will require a bit of creative fine-tuning.

The key is to use cascading style sheets, or CSS, to achieve the goal of making a website able to render itself onto every existing monitor.

A good source of inspiration for creating a design that is simple yet functional can be found in CSS Zen Garden.

This website was introduced in 2003 using only five designs.

Today, it showcases hundreds of designs that can be applied in different ways to the visual presentation of any given webpage, and do each using various resolutions.

With this ability a website is free to be enjoyed by all users of varying monitor resolution, and web designers can look forward to numberless possibilities in plying their craft.

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