Debugging The Web To Make Sure Your Application Is Safe

When you make a website you have to do a lot to make sure that it is running right. This is especially true these days when it comes to websites. They are more complicated than ever and it takes someone who is skilled to make sure it is done correctly. If you do not do it correctly then not only will the site not look right but it will also not be safe. And if the website is not safe these days then you should not even release it to the web. There are a lot of bad guys out there who are trying to get into insecure websites so you should really try to make sure that your website is not one of them.


But because the web is so much more complicated now than it was in the past there are a lot of tools out there that will help you get adjusted. The tools that are available now are like the tools that are available for people who make desktop or mobile apps. And that is because of the reason that we gave earlier. The web is a lot more complicated now and the tools have to be up to the job. But you have to be sure that you use these tools appropriately to make sure that your website is safe and sound for the people who come to visit it. You cannot just have the tools and not use them to their capacity. You have to really learn them and you have to learn the holes in the language that you use so that you can be sure you are following the correct protocols.

Let’s take for example a tool like Firebug. For those of you who do not know, Firebug is a plugin for Firefox that will allow you to examine the HTML, the CSS, and the JavaScript on your website. It will give you a ton of debugging information while you work. You do not have to wait for the page to reload for it to give you the information that you are looking for. It will give you that information in real time. But it will also give you information about the HTTP and other packets that are running with each web request. This is really helpful information that you can use to make sure that your website is safe and that it is not putting anything out there that it is not supposed to do. You have to remember that you do not have to only use Firebug to get these capabilities any more. Now Firefox has built in capabilities that are just as good as Firebug.

But of course Firefox is not the only browser with this type of capability. While it might have been the best at one point, now there are a lot of people who are looking at Chrome when it comes to development. That is because they have taken what Firefox has and moved it up a step. Chrome is very serious when it comes to development on the web and they have the tools to prove it. Everything that you can do in Firefox and Firebug you can do in Chrome as well. But it is better integrated into the browser and seems to work a lot quicker. It will deliver a ton of debug information that will keep your website safe.

The other browsers have these capabilities as well but none are as good as Chrome right now. So remember, if you want to keep your website safe and sound then you should learn these tools to help you debug your site.

photo: Daniel Voyager

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