Dancing Skeletons And Other Things That Go Bump At Halloween

Dancing Skeletons And Other Things That Go Bump At Halloween

Malware is an ever-present concern to users of the internet.

Or at least it should be.

Dancing Skeletons And Other Things That Go Bump At Halloween

On any given day there are thousands of threats lurking all around the web, just waiting to get onto or into your computer.

Special occasions and notable dates tend to bring more ghouls and goblins out of their closets though and Halloween is no exception.

I don’t yet know what the biggest threats will be this year but here are some from the past that may be recycled again this Halloween –

The Dancing Skeleton

Do you think that dancing skeletons are cute or funny?

They may be, but then again, it depends on where you get them from.

An application that runs an image of a dancing skeleton may be appealing at first glance until you realise that it may just give you more than you bargained for.

The application goes by many Halloween themed names but all have the same effect – installation of the Storm Trojan – which gives your computer free entrance to a botnet.

Halloween Bargains That Can Leave You Feeling Like A Pumpkin

Everyone likes a good deal and retailers don’t need much in the way of reasons to offer them right now.

Halloween specials are available on more than just pumpkins but beware of deals that come via email.

Identity thieves can spoof emails to appear as though they come from major brand leaders and all you have to do is click the link and pay by credit card in order to save huge amounts of $$$s.

Of course you don’t need me to tell you that clicking links in emails and then handing out financial details is stupid.

Do you?

Halloween e-Cards

Yeah, I know, whatever next huh?

I only give out cards for birthdays and Christmas but some people give them out just because.

If you get a Halloween e-card then make sure you know the sender and the e-card website before clicking on the link to view said card.

Otherwise, well, you should know by now.

Party On Dude

Are you sociable?

Wanna go to a Halloween party?

Cool… just make sure its with friends and not the stranger who invited you via email – he doesn’t really like you, he just wants you to R.S.V.P. via the malicious link he put in that invite.

If you survive all of those then you are halfway home, though you will still have to contend with the great Halloween scam….

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