Cyber Security For Families

cyber security for families

Hopefully you strive to keep your family safe and protected in every possible way.

Sometimes there are risks on the Internet that are greater than those you may come across in the real world.

For that reason you need to be vigilant and cautious at all times and that means becoming wise in the ways of cyber security.

Cyber security not only allows your family to protect itself from the dangers involved on the Internet but also ensures that your computer is safe from your family.


Just by altering the ways in which you use your computer you will enable yourself to stay safe and secure from online dangers.

Kids are usually inquisitive and curious about all the things that they find new and interesting.

So, as a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your kids are able to learn about new technology but at the same time you also need to take care of their safety.

You need to balance things out for them by trying to keep your kids away from the things that you think might be misused whilst not blocking them from the Internet or computer completely.

Your kids could be using the Internet to work on their homework or project or for playing online games which are all valuable pursuits in their own ways.

However their lack of knowledge, or other peoples’ devious ways, could cause them to find themselves on malicious sites that could install malware on your computer, or porn sites which you simply wouldn’t want your children to view.

Of course if that were to happen then your children might not tell you about the incident, fearing punishment and so you would have a hard job ensuring that it didn’t happen again.

Malware and porn aren’t the only threats though – the Internet has become a huge platform for people who look to cheat and swindle others.

There is a certain level of anonymity on the Internet still and this fact encourages cyber criminals to deceive people on the Internet in order to take as much money as possible from them.

Even well educated adults fall prey to such online predators.

Below are some of the ways which will help you to protect your family from cyber dangers –

Stay With Your Kids While They Spend Time On The Internet

Make sure that you stay with your children while they are using Internet.

It might not be possible for all parents to get involved with their kids while they are on Internet because we all have busy lifestyles nowadays but you can certainly keep a casual eye on what they are doing at the very least.

You can view their browsing history to check the web sites they have visited.

You can also ensure that your kids do not get involved in activities such as sending emails to, and chatting with, strangers.

Educate Your Children About Online Dangers

It is necessary to educate your kids about all the risks and dangers involved with the Internet.

Once they get to know such facts, they will be more vigilant and careful.

Make them clear of the sites they should visit and the types of sites which are not meant for them.

Do not frighten them but set limits to their Internet usage so that you can keep things under control.

Create Separate User Accounts To Keep Your Data Safe

Recent operating systems, such as Windows 7, allow you to create individual accounts for all the users of the computer onto which they are installed.

You can opt to create separate accounts for your kids.

This is one of the ways to keep your files and data protected from the mischievous activities of your children!

If you do not prefer to create separate accounts then it is advisable not to use add-ons which are meant to remember passwords and other important information (which can be accidentally used) leading to serious loss.

There is a wise saying that “Prevention is always better than cure.”

So make sure that you use updated antivirus programs featuring utilities such as firewalls to ensure the safety of the data stored in your computer.

You can use kid browsers which ensure the safety of your files while your kids are accessing Internet or you can edit the options of your default browser to ban the web sites which you feel would be harmful to your child.

Here is how –

Tools>Internet Options>Content>Click on ENABLE under Content Advisor.

The powers that be have understood the need for cyber security and so they have come forward to offer their services to ensure your kids’ protection whilst they are using the Internet by blocking the sites that are not meant or suited for them.

Open Communication Is Key

If possible, set up your computer in a place where you can easily keep an eye on who is using it and what they are doing with it.

This will surely make your children think before they do anything wrong on the computer.

Having a flexible relationship with your family members is beneficial in all aspects of life – such a relationship will make your children come to you and tell about the things they have seen and done on the Internet.

This kind of relationship not only enhances the cyber security of your family but also develops a strong bond amongst yourselves, helping you grow and stay safe and happy as a family.

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