Cyber Security Awareness: Offline Social Hacking Is Very Dangerous

When people think of the word hacking, they automatically associate it with computers. But that is only a recent phenomenon. In the past the word hacker was associated with all kinds of different activities. As a matter of fact, the original computers hackers got their name from a MIT model train group who were known as hackers. But as you known now, the word is associated with computers more than anything else.

But being a computer hacker is only one side of the game. There are other types of hacking as well. But not just what we talked about the in the previous paragraph. There are other types that are in play today. One of the most well known alternative forms of hacking is known as social engineering, aka the social hack.

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What is social engineering?

Social engineering has been an activity that has been going on for a long time. Way before computers came on the scene you had social engineering. Social engineering is the ability to get someone to do what you want without them even knowing it. You are making them do an activity that they would not normally do by your request. Some of the best social hackers cannot only request someone to do something for them; the best ones are able to make the person go way out of character to get the request done.

As we said this type of activity has been going on for a long time. But these days hackers able to mix the social part of hacking with the technology part and they are able to make money off of it. As a matter of fact, if you are good at both social hacking and technology based hacking then you are going to make a lot more money than if you were just good at one of them.

There are several reasons why this is true but the biggest reason is because people trust another human being more than they trust a machine. When you are on the computer, you are pretty much anonymous to the person. This already puts a person edge. They do not know you and they have already heard all of the horror stories out there. They have seen the television specials where someone is being robbed for all of their money through some kind of strange computer transaction. If they can possibly avoid it no one wants that to happen to them.

There are drawbacks in social engineering as well. As a social engineer you are able to get people to trust you easier. But since the person is in your presence you have to be more convincing than you would normally be on a computer. They are looking at you directly in your eyes. You cannot let them see behind the facade not even once. If you do then the scam is over.

But a person who is able to do the best of both worlds is able to make a lot of money. Let’s show you an example. A social engineer could use their knowledge of tech to make it seem like they have a big business. Then when they then go to meet the person in real life the illusion to them is actually confirmed. They have everything that they need to feel confident enough to do business with you.

A person who is trying to safely do business on the web needs to worry about the many different ways that they can get in trouble. All of the attacks will not be online only. Antivirus software will not be able to save you from someone who is running both an online and offline hack.

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