Cyber Security Awareness – Do You Know Enough To Keep Yourself Safe?

Cyber security is becoming increasingly more important in this, the internet age.


As the internet grows — so do the risks

The rapid growth of the internet has presented excellent and varied opportunities for everybody to enhance their lives. We have web sites, blogs, podcasts, videos and social networks which can entertain, educate or amuse us.

But some people see other opportunities that we may not be aware of.

Hackers and scammers

The bad guys — hackers and scam artists — are always looking for ways to cause disruption, make money, or both.

Are you prepared for that threat?

Cyber security awareness

If your cyber security awareness isn’t what it could be then I have prepared a few articles to introduce you to some important ideas :

1. Make Security The Entire Department’s Interest

Computer security is a field that can be complicated but it is your job to make it easier to the uninitiated

2. Avoiding The Threat Of Identity Theft

When it comes to the web sites that you are dealing with, be very careful. Not all web sites can be trusted so before you do business with someone online make sure you do your due diligence.

3. Offline Social Hacking Is Very Dangerous

A person who is trying to safely do business on the web needs to worry about the many different ways that they can get in trouble. All of the attacks will not be online only. Antivirus software will not be able to save you from someone who is running both an online and offline hack.

4. The Price Of Free In The World Of Malware

90% of the free items that you download from the internet are going to be problem free – it is that other 10% that you have to worry about.

Learn more about cyber security

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