Cyber Security Awareness: Avoiding The Threat Of Identity Theft

Your identity is obviously one of the most important items to you as a human being. It is this item that makes you who you are. If you do not have your identity then you are just another nameless person in this sea of faces that we call life. That is why so many people try to do things that will help separate them from the rest of the pack. It is not enough that our faces look different. Every ones face looks different. We must be able to find other ways to be able to makes ourselves distinct. It can be something a simple as the clothes that we wear to something that is a little bit more involved like a tattoo. Whatever it is, it has to be something that separates us from the rest of the pack.

Are you cyber security aware?

But what happens when someone comes along and takes away our identity. Sure the people around you might still know who you are but to people who do not know you personally you have this whole separate life going on. When someone steals your identity they unfortunately become a part of your life’s narrative. Since credit companies keep track of your purchases they pretty much have a window into your financial life. With the purchases that this criminal is making in your name, they are going to get a totally different view of who you really are.

This new view is not only going to make you lose money, it is also going to start affecting your credit score as well. A credit score in modern day society is very important. Having a bad credit score can mean that you cannot do things such as buy a car or purchase a house. These days even your job and your ability to rent an apartment all depend on how good your credit score is. And if you do have a bad credit score then you are really out of luck.

Keep it from happening to you

If you want to be able to keep the bad guys away from your identity then there are several measures that you can take. None of these measures are fool proof but they can go a long way in helping you avoid these types of problems.

First of all, make sure you are very careful with who you give your social security card number to. Those numbers are the gateway to your identity and if anyone is able to get a hold of them then you are in trouble. Your name identifies you to a lot of different types of people but your social security number identifies to the behind the scenes system. In most government computer systems, you are known by your social number and not your name. So a criminal person who has this number has a lot of power over you.

And that brings us to our next point. Be careful with who you give your name to online. While our social security number maybe the most important part of our identity when it comes to identity theft, the name is second. This is why so many web sites go by usernames and not real names. It gives a level of protection to the end user.

And that brings us to our final point. When it comes to the web sites that you are dealing with, be very careful. Not all web sites can be trusted so before you do business with someone online make sure you do your due diligence. If they are criminal then there is a good chance that someone has complained about them. This is a case where Google is your friend.

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