Why Are Current News Events The Playground Of Hackers?

hackers and current news events

You wake up in the morning and turn on the TV.

You turn it to the local news and they have a story alert that is alarming to you.

hackers and current news events

hackers and current news events

They are discussing in their news report the tragic death of someone due to the H1N1 virus or otherwise known as Swine Flu.

They are reporting that the contagion has sky rocketed in your area and that people must be careful.

So for the concern of your children and yourself, you go to Google to look up the symptoms that will let you know if you caught it.

You skip a trusted web site such as webmd, and you visit a web site that claims to have a cure for the virus.

Beware Of Trojans

It looks official and everything seems to be fine, meanwhile now that they have you on their site, they are loading a Trojan in the background.

After it has finished uploading to your computer it will then start to steal your data and send it to a server.

This is how quickly you can become a victim to a cyber attack due to the popular news cycle that is going around.

The bad guys love to exploit the latest big story in the news.

This lets them know that they are guaranteed a lot of hits from whatever attack they have placed in the wild.

People tend to be less security conscious when it is a new news story.

I can only assume that they feel that a bad guy would not have the time create an attack that would be able to take advantage of this new and developing story.

This is not true at all.

The Hacker’s Toolkit

Most hackers have a toolkit that they use when they are creating an exploit.

This allows them to be able to create a new delivery system for an old exploit very quickly.

It is then a numbers game to see how many people they can get to click on their phony item.

Once you click on the item then your computer can become exposed to whatever malicious malware they have installed on it.

Luckily for you, to be able to pull an attack on the current news cycle very quickly they must use an attack that is of an older variety.

An updated antivirus program will be able to counteract an older attack and keep your computer safe.

You will have to be careful when a news story breaks in where you seek out the latest information.

The bad guys love to exploit the news cycle and will quickly create a package for delivery that will try to do this.

If you are careful in what you click on and keep your anti virus updated, you should be safe from such attacks.

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