Criminal Organisations Using Malware To Spy On People

We all know that Hollywood tends to stereotype people. We see it all of the time when we watch movies. They do not care whether the stereotype is accurate or not, they will go with it because that is what people are used to seeing. Just look at the stereotypes that they use when it comes to hackers. For years they have been using the same stereotype and it has not changed any even with everyone having access to all of this technology now. They still stereotype the average hacker as some nerd who is living in his mom’s basement and is angry at the world. But that is not the truth anymore and if you are looking to stop cyber crime by going by that old stereotype then you will not be very good at your job. No, if you really want to be able to stop cyber crime then you have to take a look at the reality of today’s situation.


The creators of cyber crime have stepped it up a notch. The technology that is used to create certain malware is too advanced for one person alone to be able to use it. Now you have teams of people creating this type of malware. And they are not just going after the normal person’s computer like they did in the past. No, the targets are more spread out now and they are going after phones, printers, industrial machinery, surveillance cameras, and a lot of other stuff. A lot of things have advance technology in them now so there are more targets for black hat hackers to go after. As long as we keep using advance technology in more and more devices the more that we are going to see black hat hackers going after them.

But when we think of advanced attacks lately, we usually put the blame on Nation States. What we mean by Nation States is that there was some country behind the advance attack. But these days that is not always the case (its not all about the NSA you know). Everyone is starting to see the value of cybercrime and now there are more than just countries that are investing big money in being able to attack people on a digital level. Now there are real life criminals starting to join the attacks as well. We are talking about organizations such as the mafia and terrorist groups. This a long way from those Nigerian scam emails that you used to see. These are real life criminal groups who are joining the party. And these groups are coming from all around the globe. There are criminal groups joining in from Russia, China, Europe, and the United States. Wherever there is organised crime and smart computer hackers, there are people that are going to get taken advantage of.

That is why you have to make sure that both your phone and your computer stay protected at all times. The game is up a level from where it used to be. In the past the internet underworld was more like what you see in movies where it was just some geek in the basement. But that was 20 years ago and now the game has changed. Now you are dealing with real criminals and there are some real consequences to be had if they are able to get hold of your data. You have to make sure you protect yourself at all times or your data is going to be available to criminals who are all around the world.

photo: Robbert van der Steeg

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