Credit Card Fraud Doesn’t Only Happen Online

While the internet seems to be really exploding in the last decade there are still some parts of it that people do not trust. This is especially true for people who did not grow up with the internet. To them, even though it is a decade old, there are still some concerns about it. There are still a lot of people out there who are still scared to use their credit cards over the internet. They hear all of the negative stories and they do not trust it.

But what about the security of your credit card when you are not on the internet? While there are a lot of credit cards that are stolen online, there are even more that are stolen offline as well. Most people do not think about that aspect of the credit card game. Most of the publicity that you hear about is when credit cards are stolen from you by some rogue black hat hacker. You do not hear about it when it is the local waiter who is swiping your credit card twice.

Credit Card Fraud Doesn't Only Happen Online

Local credit card thief

Yes, there are times when you will visit a place like a restaurant or a small convenience store and they will try their best to try and steal your credit card number. There are a number of ways that they are able to do this so you will not notice.

One way they are able to do this is by taking your credit card in the back and swiping it with a second machine. This second machine is small and it stores the credit card number in an internal database. They then later send the numbers to a third party. Another way that your credit card is taken is through the use of a fake front when you go to pay for gas or use an ATM device. You think that you are actually running your card once through the machine but in reality it is being scanned twice. Once it is scanned by the fake front end and another time by the real front end. The number is then given to the bad guys in the same manner as the first scam.

Yes, being online can be a problem when it comes to black hat hackers and other types of bad guys. But that is not the only place that you have to worry about your credit card. When you are out shopping, your credit card becomes a target as well.

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