Creating And Running Botnets Is Becoming Easier So Why Should You Steer Well Clear Of Them?

When you have a piece of malware on your system there are many things that it can do.

It is just like the saying from the old movie “Forrest Gump”; they are like a box of chocolates and you never know what you are going to get.

There are so many different variations of even the same type of malware that you never know what it is going to do to your computer until you are infected with it.

There are varying degrees of harm that it can do to your system once it is infected.

It can cause your computer to act crazy and stop you from being able to perform different functions.

Or it can just sit there and act like it is not even there.

This is the worst thing that a piece of malware can do.

It is not just sitting there for the fun of it – it is sitting there quiet because it is performing an operation that it doesn’t want you to know about – it is turning your computer into a zombie node and, to do that, it must not let you know that it is there.

It must be very quiet and be able to pump data out of your system.

If this is happening to your computer it means it is now part of a botnet.

botnets are illegal so DO NOT be tempted to create or run one

botnets are illegal so DO NOT be tempted to create or run one

The Power Of A Zombie Node

You might be asking yourself what is the significance of this?

If it has turned your computer into a zombie node, why is it not doing anything?

That is the power of the zombie node on a botnet.

It doesn’t do anything until it is told to from a remote computer.

Once it is activated it will turn your computer into a spam sending device.

Spam is only one of the things that it can send out though – sometimes it can be sending out data that is much worse than spam.

Besides spam, another popular use of a zombie node is to use your computer to help perform a DDOS attack.

This is known as a Distributed Denial of Service Attack.

This is when someone sends so much data to a server that it overwhelms it and it cannot let anymore information in.

This means that people who are trying to get to the site that are not part of the DDOS attack will not be able to get in either.

This is why having zombie nodes is so powerful for a black hat hacker to have.

When you are able to command a bunch of computers at one time, there is no limit to the computing processing power that you might have.

Self-created Botnets

Unfortunately, it is becoming easier for people to build their own botnets and more and more people are going down this slippery path, leading to an increase in the number of botnets out in the wild..

In the past you used to have to be a highly skilled hacker to be able to perform this miraculous feat.

Now, just like everything else in computers, it has been made so easy that normal people can now control one.

They can do this in several different ways.

They can either use one of the many kits that are available in the underground to get the software to be able to create their own botnet – everything is printed out plain so that all a person would have to do is to follow the instructions and they can quickly have their own botnet up and running – or they can go another way and that is to rent a botnet for use.

There are many black hat hackers out there that will create a botnet out of many different computers just so they can rent it out to people.

There are also many businessmen that seem legit but would do anything to get a leg up on the competition out there so they will do anything, even if the action is illegal; running or renting a botnet is very illegal and holds serious consequences for anyone caught doing it.

There are many people out there that seem to think that because they are not running the botnet that they are not doing anything illegal.

If you pay to have someone shut your competitor’s web site down, then that means that you are just as liable as the person who did it.

You will go to jail just like the person you paid to do it.

And if you think that they are not going to tell who did it then you are sadly mistaken – they will try to do anything that they can to stay out of jail and that includes ratting you out.

The idea of creating your own botnet may seem easy, fun and exciting but it is definitely not worth it in the end.

Sure, the bar to creating one might be lowered but the penalties for having one have only gotten stiffer.

If you are caught then it can easily mean jail time.

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