Court Tries To Summon Hindu Gods Via Newspaper Ads

The Hindu gods have been summoned to court –

‘You failed to appear in court despite notices sent by a peon and later through registered post.

You are hereby directed to appear before the court personally’.

So says an advert that Judge Sunil Kumar Singh, from the eastern state of Jharkhans, issued in newspapers.

The instruction is aimed at two popular Hindu gods.


The two gods have been ordered to appear before the court today in order to resolve a property dispute over a 1.4 acre plot of land that has two temples on it, one dedicated to Ram and the other to Hanuman, the monkey god.

Incomplete addresses

Judge Sunil Kumar Singh sent the two notices to the deities, however, they have both been returned as the addresses were found to be ‘incomplete’.

I wonder why?!?

Perhaps the gods have no fixed abode?

‘Since the land has been donated to the gods, it is necessary to make them a party to the case,’ said local lawyer Bijan Rawani.

If the gods fail to appear in court again, will they be jailed for contempt?

Or will the case be dismissed due to gods not having an address, as in the case of Mercia Pavel?

Truth or hoax?

What do you think?

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