Contrails And Chemtrails – Part 5 – An Explanation And Conclusion

If chemtrails are not biological weapons or a means of combating global warming then is it possible that they really are just contrails?


If you think about it logically, the conspiracy theories are quite unbelievable.

If the majority of aeroplanes are spraying chemicals then the number of people who would need to keep such information secret would be astronomical.

Ground crew, flight attendants, engineers and pilots all around the world would have to be complicit in such a scheme and yet no-one from the airlines has ever come forward with any information about chemtrails.

Not only that, but if planes were carrying pathogens up to high altitudes and in their engines before igniting them then surely they would not survive the process?

Personally I find it far more believable that those white lines in the sky really are contrails and nothing else.

What do you think?

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Part 5 – An Explanation And Conclusion

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  1. Zgreatarteest says:

    When I was very young man, a white trail that followed an airplane was usually a biplane doing something called “sky writing”. An advertising gimmick of the day paid for by a sponsor. It might read, “Drink Coca-Cola”, etc. What goes around comes back around eventually. You just have to figure out what they are saying this time around perhaps. Something sort of like removing the lead in paint nobody hardly ever died of just because it was there. But, it had to be removed from paint anyway, because then we could paint houses every 3 or 4 instead of every 15 or so years. I guess? Now, if I have to spell the meaning of this blog out to you on this misty tailed subject, then perhaps things have become worse than I thought. Maybe there is something to the brain deterioration theory thingy? Just perhaps, it is faster acting than we are able to think. Knowing what I did way back when and reading what could happen to people that do those things now, I wonder how me or any of my friends ever lived passed the age of three years with even enough brain matter to go on to receive Phds, etc. Well, despite today’s conventional thinking…… we did so anyway. A whole lot more knowledge these days……… and a whole lot less wisdom to more than match it.

    • Skywriting was accomplished by injecting oil onto a hot part of the airplane’s exhaust. It was smoke. Completely different from contrails, which are ice particles. .

  2. pilotwing says:

    “”Personally I find it far more believable that those white lines in the sky really are contrails and nothing else.””

    that’s because you are stupid.
    they mix something with the normal jet-fuel.
    they are trying to create an artificial SUNSCREEN

  3. I don’t know anything about chemtrails and still don’t have an opinion but must say this made a faascinating read.

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