Contrails And Chemtrails – Part 4 – Are Chemtrails Being Used To Fight Global Warming?

Ok, so I quite obviously do not believe that chemtrails are a biological weapon designed to reduce the world’s population.

If they do exist, could they have an altogether different purpose?


Some people believe that chemtrails may be linked to fighting global warming.

Believers in this theory suggest that chemtrail’s main constituent is aluminium which is capable of reflecting sunlight.

By spreading particles of aluminium into the atmosphere the government is, apparently, attempting to reflect the harmful rays of the sun back into space, thereby reducing their warming effect upon the earth.

If this was so then why is it a secret?


I’m certainly no expert on Alzheimer’s but have read that large quantities of aluminium in the earth’s atmosphere could well increase it’s prevalence, in addition to posing other health risks to humans as well.

Obviously if one or more governments of the world were engaging in such a plan to combat global warming, and the US have stated that they are looking for alternatives to simply reducing carbon emissions, then it would be political suicide to admit to it.

Personally I don’t buy into this conspiracy theory either.

Sure, governments undoubtedly get up to a lot of covert activity, but I for one don’t believe in global warming and so do not understand the need to be doing anything about it, other than as an illusion designed to increase taxes and raise fear levels.

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