Contrails And Chemtrails – Part 2 – Whats In A Chemtrail?

As mentioned in the previous post, chemtrails appear to be normal contrails but seem to hang around for longer, leading some people to believe that they are something else with a more sinister purpose.


So, what is actually in a chemtrail that makes it appear different?

The truth of the matter is that no-one actually has a definitive answer on the subject.


There are several reasons why an in-depth analysis of chemtrails may or may not have been undertaken.

The validity of such arguments hinges very much upon whether you believe there is a conspiracy here or not.

Primarily, chemtrail activists claim that they have not samples the trails because chartering a plane and the necessary equipment to capture the vapour is far too expensive.

Additionally, due to the origin of chemtrails in their opinion, they do not believe that they would be granted flight clearance for such a mission anyway.


There are a few claims of chemtrail analysis available, however.

Typically, these are claimed to have originated from solid deposits that have fallen to the earth and then been collected.

Testing has reportedly revealed that these samples contain unusually high levels of bacteria.

Surprisingly, or not if you are a conspiracy theorist, such samples are almost always lost, destroyed or denied by the authorities.

That is probably one of the major factors that lead believers into thinking that there is a conspiracy.

Others point to the fact that US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) apparently do not accept any such examples for testing any more, despite the fact that their purpose is to protect US citizens from potential contamination.

In the next post I will be looking into why chemtrails, if indeed they are some form of bacterial weapon, would be employed around the world.

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  1. they mix something with the normal jet-fuel.
    they are trying to create an artificial SUNSCREEN.
    yes, all this stuff is related to global warming

  2. This is really alarming. I haven’t seen like that before but after reading your post, I research for more info. This kind of practice also have something to do with what we’re experiencing right now, the global warming. I just thought, would that also affect our ozone layer?

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