Congratulations! You Have A New Facebook Email Address

And you probably didn’t even know about it!

If you haven’t logged into your Facebook account recently, or don’t pay a huge amount of attention to everything going on there, then you may not have noticed that you have an additional email address now associated with your account.

The social media giant has replaced the email address you signed up with such that you now have a branded Facebook one. This new Facebook email address is the only one now displayed on your profile which may not be such a bad thing but what has irked many users is the fact that there has been no recent direct communication to say the switch over was occurring (the company did say back in April that it was “updating addresses on Facebook to make them consistent across our site.”)

Fortunately, anyone wishing to revert back to the address they signed up with can do so easily:

You simply need to click on the Update Info button on your profile page and scroll down to Contact Info:

Facebook email address

Now you will see the email address you signed up with as well as the new one that Facebook have just given you.

Click on Edit to see this a list of all your email addresses:

remove email

Now simply remove the one(s) you wish to get rid of.

So, altogether not that hard to do, but how do the actions of Facebook sit with you? Should they have made more of an effort to communicate this change to you? Have they damaged your trust of them?

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