Conficker Worm – Was It Worth The Fuss?

was Conficker over hyped?

I remember that back on April 1st there were an awful lot of people fretting over the Conficker worm and whether or not their system may have been infected.

Secondly, they were concerned at what effects the worm would have on their PC if their worst fears were realised.

was Conficker over hyped?

was Conficker over hyped?

In some respects, it reminded me of a similar event at the turn of the century – the Y2K fervour that had everyone in a panic but then passed with virtually no incidence.

Considering the fact that Microsoft had already issued a patch for the Conficker worm as far back as January this year you may stop to ask what all the fuss was about?

Of course people are people so a patch being available in January really doesn’t mean much come the end of March as the majority of average users have no idea how to automatically update their systems, manually find patches or even how to install them once they have them.

If I remember correctly I think I saw a report from Microsoft a while back that stated that almost 1 in 3 Windows users had never updated their system.


Even now the threat of the Conficker worm has not gone away.

I still get a good couple of hundred people reaching my site every day whilst looking for information on Conficker, despite the fact that the publicity around it has almost ground down to nothing right now.

There are probably still around 11 million or more computers out there that have the Conficker worm on them.

The users of those PCs have probably received the fake antivirus warnings it gives out and been given free membership to a botnet but things may not stop there.

Considering the scope of the infection I still fully expect further developments from Conficker in the future as it has enormous potential for all the wrong reasons.

Are you ready for Conficker?

Have you updated your Windows operating system and installed one of the year’s top 10 antivirus programs?

Or do you think that the worm has turned and run away, leaving a lot of people fussing over nothing?

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