Conficker: The Most Advanced Virus Ever?

is Conficker the most advanced virus ever?

There is a bit of an argument going on within the ranks of the Digirati.

Everyone is trying to decide if the Conficker Worm is the most advanced virus ever created.

Arguments can be made for other previously released viruses that have wreaked havoc on computer networks and caused billions of dollars in damage.

is Conficker the most advanced virus ever?

is Conficker the most advanced virus ever?

Elegant Design

Even the most experienced programmers agree that Conficker has a very elegant design and that nobody seems to be able figure out exactly how it works.

Other experts state that they have never seen anything like it.

However, there are some contenders as far as the speed of the virus and the monetary damage it causes are concerned.

Vs. Nimda 2001

Released on 18 September, 2001, Nimda became the fastest spreading virus of the time and found its way into thousands of computers in 22 minutes.

Nimda used an email propagation scheme that had a file attachment “README.EXE” and was the worst virus up to that date.

Vs. SQL Slammer 2003

On 25 January, 2003, SQL Slammer reared its ugly head and began to slow down Internet traffic by causing denial of service attacks on host computers.

The virus quickly spread to over 75,000 computers within 10 minutes and completely shut down the Internet in South Korea.

Vs. Storm 2007

The Storm Worm was released on 19 January, 2007 and within 72 hours was held accountable for 8% of all malware infections worldwide.

Storm also used an email propagation scheme with an email that had the title: “230 dead as storm batters Europe.”

During those 72 hours there were 6 different attacks performed by the Storm Worm.

Technologically Advanced?

Is Conficker the most advanced virus ever?

Most experts would say yes. However, the monetary damage done by Conficker has been pale in comparison to other previous malware attacks.

Only time will tell whether Conficker is the most advanced virus or not…

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