Why Conficker Ain’t No April Fool

You may have recently heard about a computer worm known as ‘the Conficker bug’, which has been wreaking havoc across the world but, like most people, have probably dismissed it as something you do not need to worry about.

However, you may change your mind once you learn about the Conficker computer worm because ignoring the threat could be one of the worst decisions you can make concerning the health of your personal computer.


The Conficker virus is a computer worm that was first found on computer systems back in October 2008.  Since then, millions more computers have been infected from the UK Naval Fleet’s to personal computers throughout the world.

It does not matter how much time you spend online because a simple mistake or security hole is all the Conficker virus needs to nestle up and take refuge in your operating system.

In fact, people who spend little time online are often the target of the Conficker bug because they do not keep their software updated, which is the only real way to prevent infection.

Many people mistakenly thought on April 1, 2009 that if they simply stayed offline for a week they could prevent the Conficker virus from activating, but this is actually the worst decision that you could have made.

This is because there are four different variants of the Conficker virus that are active online and they can attack within a minute if they notice that your security settings have not been updated.

Even if the date of the attack has passed, the strong viral strain is still healthy and active on the Internet so during the time it takes to update your security settings there is a good chance the Conficker bug has already found its way into your operating system and is wreaking its own personal havoc.

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