Confessions Of A Twitter Spammer


Call me warped but I love it almost as much as I enjoy sarcasm.


Ironic because just 48 hours after writing a post which details how to identify a Twitter spammer I find that my own account has been suspended.

I’m such a bad boy!

The reason for my suspension, I have been told, is the fact that I followed a huge number of new people on the service in a short period of time, a practice referred to as ‘aggresive following’.

Fortunately, the suspension is only temporary – I’ll be back in a week 🙂

My question today though is does ‘aggressive following’ make me a Twitter spammer?

I hope not as I totally despise spam and just wished to interact with a large number of people, though I now know that following over 1,400 people does make it rather difficult to keep up with everything they are tweeting!


Yay, I’ve been unsuspended already!

According to support, I was unwittingly caught up in a ’spam cloud’ whatever that is???

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  1. That would be my guess but has anyone actually got any idea how their algorithm(s) work???

  2. Well if you’re following roughly the same number of people that are following you I don’t think that anyone could see you as a spammer. Twitter algorythms should take this into consideration.

  3. I most certainly do hate spam Pete.

  4. Thanks 🙂

  5. You bad boy!

  6. I don’t get what this twitter thing is but I cannot believe for one moment that you are a spammer, we all know you hate spam.

  7. And how many updates did you have?

  8. How many people were following you back?

  9. Thanks for the vote of confidence Col!

  10. Yeah, you’re a spammer alright 😀

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