Computer Network Monitoring in a Simplified Manner

computer network monitoring in a simplified manner

A Computer network monitoring system is comprised of several different tools use to share, diffuse, and intensify the signal and data.

Network components are mainly the physical attributes and parts connected to a network.

There are huge and massive quantities of network devices that continue to expand almost everyday.

computer network monitoring in a simplified manner

computer network monitoring in a simplified manner

Some of the basic network devices include –

  • Personal Computers
  • Servers
  • Hubs
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Modems
  • DSL Modems
  • Gateways
  • Interface Cards
  • Wireless Access.

Computer network monitoring is a network which particularly refers to a system with two or more computers that are unified and interconnected to each other.

This is implemented with the purpose of sharing information.

It can be even use for computer hardware like the printer.

Thus, if you want to install this computer network, one of the most basic systems comprises of a protocol, the NICs or network interface cards, cable and a hub.

Network Protocols

In order for computers to act accordingly as instructed and ‘speak the same language’ there is a need to use a protocol that is considered as a set of rules and guidelines that the computers have to follow.

If you want to get full access to a website from your computer that mainly operates on http, the website you are trying to view must also operate and make use of the same protocol.

How does computer network monitoring exactly work?

The network interface card on your PC transfers the file via the cable into the hub.

The hub would then transmit the data to anyone you want to share access with.

There are also two kinds of networks, one is the LAN or local area network and the other is WAN or wide area network.

The LAN is one of the simplest types of network and it utilises cables to make a wired network.

There are also two types of LAN –  it can be a peer to peer or client server method.

A peer to peer network is the process where two or more computers are directly connected to each other.

This calls for computer network where computer 1 is connected with computer 2 and the process goes on.

The computers are said to have a profound connection that is dependent on each other.

The client server type is a place where all computers are connected to the main network or computer unit.

This is gleaned to be more expedient because if one computer suffers from network errors the others won’t get affected.

At present, a lot of people are engaged and still considering computer network monitoring, not just in their place of business but also at home.

This offers people to have a more convenient and efficient way making a day to day networking life easier.

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