Computer Fakery Responsible For UFO Hoaxes

Faking UFO sightings is nothing new – Alexander Hamilton, for instance, was responsible for such a hoax back in 1897.

In recent years, however, UFO hoaxes have become far more common as computer technology gives the required tools to the masses.

Videos of UFO sightings generally appear to be much more convincing than simple pictures, leading some viewers to believe they are true, even after they have been debunked, as was the case with the Haiti UFO video below –

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The Haiti clip, insanely popular on youtube, was originally claimed to have been filmed in August 2007 and shows several close-up views of flying saucers.

A woman can be heard gasping as they clearly fly directly over her and then into the distance between two palm trees.

However, a closer look at the palm trees in the video reveals that they are all identical and hence that the clip has been faked.

Additionally, the ‘alien spacecraft’ were created with 3D-rendering software and other aspects of the footage were faked too.

Barzolff81, the video’s creator, has publicly stated that he created it for fun.

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