Cloud Computing: Not Quite As Good As They Say?

When you first started to hear about cloud computing it seemed like such a great idea. With everything being stored on redundant servers you would never again have to worry about losing data. You could place the data on the servers and they would be on that server and another server replicated to look like that one. As an IT manager, who could possibly ask for anything more? You would have a back up of your data without doing any extra work. But there were some holes with cloud computing that people were just glossing over. These small flaws in the system were not letting the vendors tell the glamorous story about Cloud computing that they wanted so they would just gloss over them. But now that more people are starting to use cloud computing, they can see the holes for themselves.

Cloud Computing: Not Quite As Good As They Say?

One hole in the system is that even though your data is being backed up, cloud computing providers are prime targets for hackers. Recently, we have seen numerous amounts of attacks on many of the top cloud providers. While this, for the most part, is no different than other servers being attacked, it does have one major difference. You have no local access to your data. Unless you are a person that backs up their data on their home system, you have no local copy of the work that you need. So when a hacker is successful and he is able to get to the main server and the back up, you are screwed.

Another problem with cloud computing is the fact that if you do not have internet connection then you are not able to get to your data. If you have sensitive information that you need to get to, you can’t. Not at least until you get back to a working wifi connection. This is a big hole that can be fixed with the caching of documents.

But even with all of the holes in the system, cloud computing has more good points than bad. You should really give it a try but just remember to fill the holes in the system with your own solution.

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