Cloud Computing And The Security Threats That Are Attached To It

About a decade ago there was a battle in which way the future of computing was going to go. On one side of the battle were a group of people who thought that everyone would have what is known as “fat clients”. Fat clients meant that everyone’s computer would host their own operating system and the data that they gathered would be stored on that machine. There was another group of people who thought that the computing world would be ruled by “thin clients”. Thin clients meant that people would only have the very basics on their computer and the operating system as well as the data would be stored somewhere else in a remote location. One idea would give you control of your data and the other idea would allow you to access your data anywhere that you wanted to and it would be easy for you to be able to make copies whenever you want.


For years we saw the idea of the “fat client” win out over the “thin client”. That was how we used computers for a long time. You would buy a PC and then you would install your operating system on your own hard drive. But now we are starting to see a switch going on. It has been a long time coming but now it is finally here. While it is not 100% the same as the original idea we are starting to see more and more services go to using a thin client model. But instead of calling it a thin client model it is now known as “cloud computing”.

In the last few years cloud computing has been on everybody’s lips. You will see commercials about it and you may hear your manager at work talk about it. With everything being networked so much these days it is easy for people to get used to the idea of not everything being stored on their own computer. In the past this was not as easy an idea to comprehend. But with everything else that comes with computers, there are some downsides when it comes to cloud computing. And a lot of those downsides are in line of the security that is involved.

As you can imagine, security must be very good when it comes to cloud computing. This is especially true if you are the service provider. If you have a security mess up where peoples data has been violated then you will gain a bad name in the business very quickly. The people who load their data on your servers are trusting you and one little violation can break that trust with you forever. When you are handling others peoples data you always have to be careful.

But if you are the client and you are using cloud services you have to be careful as well. You cannot expect all of the matters of security to be handled by the cloud service providers. You must make sure that you are as careful with your cloud computer information as you are with your online banking information. If you have the wrong data on the servers then you can suffer consequences almost as bad as having someone empty out your bank account. And that is another thing that you should think about. Maybe you should not have all of your personal data on a server that someone else controls. I am not necessarily saying that you shouldn’t but it is just something that you should think about.

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