Cloud Computing And Keeping Your Data Safe

Every few years there is another big rage that happens in the world of tech. There is one little movement that starts to get hyped up and the next thing that you know people who have no knowledge of the world of tech start to talk about it. At the end of the 1990’s it was all of the talk about the web and how it was going to change the world (which it did end up doing after the initial bubble busted). And then it was the social world and how that was going to change everything. The fact that people were able to reach out to each other at anytime that they wanted was going to change society. Well social did make an impact and now it is time to move on to the next new phenomenon. And that next phenomenon is the world of cloud computing.


If you watch TV at all then I am sure that you have heard the term “cloud computing” before. It is all over the place right now. It has become one of those words that for most people have no meaning but they think that they are missing out on something if they do not have it. Well the truth is while cloud computing has become over hyped it is probably more useful to more people than social networking is. So it is important for you to learn what cloud computing does and you can use it in your everyday life. Also once you learn what it is then you should learn how to protect your data that is on there.

What is cloud computing

Cloud computing is a term that covers a lot but what it mostly means is that you are able to use a remote computer to store or compute data. In other words, let’s say that you have old pictures that you need stored. But you do not have enough room on your computer and also you want to keep them safe so that if anything happens to your computer you will still have a copy of the pictures stored somewhere else. Cloud computing can help you with this. But that is only one aspect of cloud computing.

Another aspect of cloud computing is when you need work done on your computer. You will usually pull up the software that is installed on your system to do the job for you. But with cloud computing that is not necessary. With cloud computing you are able to use software online and instead do the work in your browser or mobile app. You never have to install the software on your computer at all. You will see this done with games, spreadsheets, and documents. This allows a few advantages that you do not get when you have the software installed on your computer. First of all you are able to use the software wherever there is an internet connection. All you need is the username and the password and you are good to go. The second advantage is that it is easier to be able to update the software if anything is wrong with it. You do not have to install any kind of expansion back that will plug any holes that may be in it. All the developer needs to do is fix the software that is on the computer and they are good to go.

So the main thing that the person needs to think about is safety. You need to make sure that you are just as secured with cloud computing as you are with software on your server.

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