ClearLock – A Transparent Lock For Your Windows Computer Screen

I would guess that most of you already know that you can lock your computer screen by pressing the Windows key + L right?

If you do so you’ll discover that you are left with a fairly uninspiring screen that patiently awaits your login details. But what if you want to walk away from your computer for a while, leaving something running in the background, whilst having a small level of security and privacy?

Well thats where ClearLock comes in:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

After downloading ClearLock (watch the video above for more information) you can set up a screen locking password. If someone in your office tries to play with your screen whilst you are away and they guess the wrong password then they’ll be greeted with a loud beeping noise. Get the password wrong 3 times and they’ll be locked out for 5 minutes.

When you return and unlock your screen with the correct password you’ll receive a notification of how many unsuccessful unlock attempts (if any) there have been since you were away.

Of course this isn’t what you would call robust security – if a seasoned hacker wants into your machine then they’ll get around this in moments. It will, however, deter the nosy people in your house or office who may have an unhealthy interest in your PC.

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