Are The CIA Still Running MK-ULTRA?

If you don’t already know, MK-ULTRA was (or is, depending upon your point of view) a mind control experiment supposedly run between the 1950s and 1970s.

MK-ULTRA was a covert mind-control and chemical interrogation research programme which was run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI).

Conspiracy theorists believe that the programme utilised US and other citizens as test subjects.

Project MK-ULTRA was initially brought to the public’s attention in 1975 by the Rockefeller Commission and Congress.



Efforts to investigate the programme were hampered, however, by the fact that the then CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all files pertaining to MK-ULTRA to be destroyed in 1973.

Although the CIA have always insisted that experiments based around MK-ULTRA were discontinued, a CIA veteran, Victor Marchetti, has stated many times in various interviews that the agency continues to routinely conduct disinformation campaigns and that CIA mind control research is on-going.

In a interview in 1977 Marchetti specifically stated the CIA’s claim that MK-ULTRA had been abandoned was, indeed, merely a ‘cover story’.


Conspiracy theorists believe that MK-ULTRA may have been behind a large number of ‘black ops’.

Lawrence Teeter, the attorney for Sirhan Sirhan who was convicted for assassinating Senator Robert Kennedy, believed that Sirhan was operating under MK-ULTRA mind control techniques.

Some theorists also believe that MK-ULTRA may have been the catalyst for the tragic siege at Waco.

Do you believe that the CIA are still running MK-ULTRA or related programmes?

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  1. A. Nonimus says:

    It helped me to see Terry Parker’s info. online. That is how I began to realize that several of my acquaintances were linked to his MKULTRA hospital.

    I wonder if these “researchers” have proxies cause disabling accidents to children, in order to have research subjects who would not otherwise be epileptic.

  2. It is occurring in Canada. There are highly advanced surgical methods. Therefore, you could be operated on and not even realize it. Look at people around you. I have observed that many people have been altered. My thumbs used to be attached at roughly the level at which my index fingers are attached and they extended past the first knuckle on my index fingers. Now they are attached at least an inch and a half lower and they are much longer. They would extend to the second knuckle if they had not been moved down. Also, I have implants in the back of my neck; they are much larger than vertebrae. There is information under the term “transhumanism.”

  3. MK Ultra is ongoing. Imagine waking up and finding that every feature of your face has been surgically altered. Your thumbs have been lengthened and reattached lower on your hands. Those are the most extreme types of aspects. If you think that this cannot happen to you, you are welcoming it with open arms. People who are having it done to them are just the advance group. It will become standard for populations and human beings will be remote control toys. We cannot get the facts from the government or the military. It is in their economic and political interest to hide it. Only the victims can tell and you will have to try to find them. Remember that cutting edge technology can sound wildly unlikely until you learn more.

  4. It (Mk Ultra) is very active. Look up info on Polybius, most call it a urban legend,but it very much existed. I know for a fact the government has invested on gaming franchises such as the COD & a few others. Their goal is to weaponize the common people. Since Polybius games have been getting more real. You find yourself in unknown battlefields with unknown allies and enemy’s and all you have is your goal. It is still very active. As of right now the drug testing us happening in the poorest parts of Mexico, Russia, and China and a few other places. In many ways the government molds and controls us. Me and my fellow Writers (graffiti artists) find graffiti the only way to revolt and feel human.

  5. MK-ultra (Mind torture) lawsuit update 4/2012.

    Complaints of mind torture Presidential committee hearing 5/2011

    Presidential Committee hearing of May 2011.

    Many thousands may be affected, this is one of the testimony.

    DR. WAGNER: Thank you. Ms. Sandra Fields.
    SANDRA FIELDS: In a way I’m very sorry to address you like this because I think that what you’re doing is admirable, but I’m here to represent this other group, and I am also targeted and this is my story. My name is Sandra Fields. I’m an architect, recipient of Who’s Who of Women in America achievement award and have run a successful business for over 28 years. My life and livelihood have been compromised for the last 11 years by being attacked by electro-magnetic radiation torture, and by organized stalking. I cannot live in my rent stabilized apartment in New York City as a result of this torture. I’m currently staying in motels and friends’ houses in the last year. Thousands of Americans are currently suffering from chemical, electro-magnetic, psychological and physical torture with no government relief or laws. Our servicemen, prisoners, and thousands of unknowing innocent civilians are currently being lamed, tormented and tortured as a result of military research, medical research, pharmaceutical research, physiological and psychological studies that have virtually destroyed participants’ sanity, physical well-being, reputation and privacy. Government projects like MK Ultra and Cointell Pro are rumored to be active today with no update with updated forms of surveillance and torture and technologies. In 2010 Morrison and Foerster won the right to proceed with a case against the CIA, Department of Defense and the U.S. Army for veterans’ development of multiple diseases and ailments tied to a secret testing program in which the United States military personnel were deliberately exposed to chemical and biological weapons and other toxins without informed consent. Sleep deprivation, poisoning and high frequency doses of continuous microwave pulses are inclined to increase one’s chances for mental disorders, autism, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. The body’s immune system is broken down, their nervous system and the brain and the spinal cord are attacked and maimed. There are no laws to prevent electro-magnetic except in Maine. The Federal Government does not acknowledge these crimes. There is no literature, educational resources of assistance for victims. I would like to ask this Committee to consider an investigation into these unethical violations and a task force be created for educational and to help people who are in trouble of these situations, and I’d be honored to be help in this thing. Thank you very.

  6. I’m sorry the fact of mk ultra is not a conspiracy theory or a hoax. It’s known to be true through documents garnered through the freedom of information act. That’s it’s still going on now is not known, and technically speaking it is a conspiracy theory, bein that it’s a theory that there’s a conspiracy. Of course the term conspiracy theory does not make something impossible, it simply makes it unlikely by association with all the totally whacked out theories that people come up with. That’s not to say that I think it’s likely or that I have any evidence that it’s still going on now, and you could even say it’s a whacked out theory…nonetheless mk ultra is a historical fact, or at least as much as a lot of things we consider fact to be.

  7. Here is what i know !
    I am being stalked by an organized group.. There are many of me..
    As a matter of fact, this is worldwide.some call it gangstalking.

    No conspiracy, Just fact !!!

  8. Absolutely I believe this – not because I’m a conspiracist. I’m not. I have a problem people on the internet refer to as “organized stalking and electronic harassment.” My story is a long one that involves extreme social engineering, harassment in mostly small things but constant over the years, random violence, apartment entry and other bizarre things. The harassment always seems to get worse as I get closer to a degree. I’m finishing a PhD and got the worst hit recently. At that point became overt harassment and use of electronic weapons of some kind. I have phone and internet interference but not consistently. Due to the fact that despite the evidence I have for a lot of the harassment it continues and I get stonewalled, it seems to me that regardless of who is behind the harassment, it probably had origins in Intel. Some of my harassment has come directly from companies that are defense contractors but I’m not sure on who’s behalf they are working.

    One of the problems that those of us with this problem have is that the extreme trauma and PTSD seems to lead victims to radical thinking – it’s the end of times, it’s the illuminati, it’s the NWO. Those I would call the conspiracy “theories.” The conspiracy reality is that there is non consensual experimentation, witness intimidation and obstruction of justice.

    My recent harassment followed the same tactics as in CIA manuals from Korean “brainwashing,” military psy ops (there’s psychological harassment that goes on with this), and even cult indoctrination. I felt too that my discussing the particulars of my case and the possibility of others in my family being targets *prior to MK Ultra* indicate that there is an “interrogation” aspect to the harassment also.

    Another issue is that MK Ultra came to be associated with the bizarre and grotesque stories of “Monarch slaves,” Manchurian Candidates, and RSA. It should be noted that in the MK Ultra subprojects that we have a little information for, the focus was on “behavior modification” (what is now called by it’s more exotic term, Mind Control) and interrrogation. To the lady above who said this is “okay” maybe she should read the transcripts of what have happened to innocent persons including *children*. Just because China does it (if it does) doesn’t mean that everyone here should throw their ethics out the window. My harassment never helped the government (if that’s who’s behind it) except in the constant intellectual property theft from my travel and research. If they are looking for “spies,” they should hire people who are into that kind of thing and leave the rest of us alone.

    If I don’t convince someone that this is real, at least look into what happened at Guantanamo and recent accusations of non consensual experimentation and interrogation via torture then “clean teams.”

    On one hand, I feel I need to inform people about this since there is so much disinformation on the internet, on the other hand, I just want my life back.

  9. Terry Parker Jr/ aka Robertson says:

    Yes, MK-ULTRA is still active, when exploiting unwitting children who suffer epilepsy at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children, for covert psychosurgical and brain implant experimentation. Check out:

  10. terror_storm says:

    history has a tendency of repeating itself

    “my desire remains, forever unchained”

  11. No idea about this one but sounds fascinating. Perhaps you can flesh this one out some more when you get time?

  12. It would be foolish to assume not to. Why ? Well it’s the only right thing to do, after all our enemies might be doing the same! That’s the type of thinking that is too common in the spy/intelligence business. And to some extent, they are right. The question that arises is: where is the line ? When will they stop ? Is anyone controlling them ?
    The US of A is a special case here in a way, but it’s all just a matter of scale. Simple fact is, the US spends much much more $ on it’s army and espionage than any other country in the world. By sheer statistics, some percentage of that has to go to those black ops.
    I have lost faith in politics and politicians. And the cia are just that – politicians. with guns.

    • A girl after my own heart.. I don’t have much faith in politicians either. I believe, in fact, that they are all puppets for financiers and so it doesn’t matter too much who is actually ‘in power’.

      As for espionage, I would imagine that China are probably more into that than the USA but certainly America wins hands down for military spending.

  13. Well, i wouldn’t be surprised. Regardless of the country, all organizations that work in secrecy will violate the laws. It’s that simple.
    Now as to this specific case … the way I see it, it would be plain dumb to destroy something that they probably spent millions of $ on. And something as useful, especially in the spy business.

    • Do you think the Americans, or any other country for that matter, would test something so invasive on their own people?

  14. You sure like your conspiracies. Are you a paranoid person?

    • Not at all TCOT. In fact, there are very few conspiracies which I believe hold much truth. That said, I still find it quite entertaining to read about them and then think them through.

  15. Dionne Collins says:

    You got rid of the hoax quizes? Shame. I am liking the conspiracy section though, more please!

    • No, the quizes will still be there from time to time, it’s just that I thought they may as well go in with the real hoaxes – I hate having wasted categories.

      Glad you’re liking the conspiracy section as I have ideas for several dozen posts already 🙂


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