Christopher Rocancourt – The False Rockerfeller

Christopher Rocancourt was born in 1967 in the village of Hornfleur, situated in the north of France.

He was given to an orphanage by his painter father and prostitute mother at the age of 9 and vowed when he left there at the age of 16 that he would reinvent his miserable past.

According to Rocancourt he travelled to Paris where he decided to pursue a career in modelling, even appearing in Italian Vogue.

It wasn’t long, though, before he realised that his talents lay elsewhere.

He travelled around Europe for a while, involving himself in forgery, until the Swiss arrested him in a jewelry heist and banned him from their country until at least 2016!

Moving onto Los Angeles Rocancourt reinvented himself again and again.

Famous people would become associated into his life – he is know to have referred to Sophia Loren as both his mother and his aunt at times.

He introduced himself to Mickey Rourke and Jean-Claude Van Damme, probably hoping to enhance the image of himself that he was trying to correct via association.

Changing like the wind, Rocancourt became a different person to almost everyone he met – a racing driver, an Italian mobster, a film producer, a prince and the owner of a mass of vineyards to name but a few.

It wasn’t only his profession that changed though – he was known at different times as Christopher Rockefeller, Fabio Ortuno, Christopher De Laurenta and Prince Galatzine Christo, to name but a handful.

Whilst in LA, Rocancourt was involved in scams such as fleecing $100 000 from Amanda Thayer as an advance for for arranging her a non-existent $4.2m loan for her company.

Buddy Ochoa gave $15 000 to Rocancourt to invest, after receiving assurances of an $80 000 return on his investment.

In both cases, Rocancourt had disappeared and changed his phone numbers by the time the victims reaslised something was amiss.

He even skipped out of the Beverly Wilshire hotel, leaving behind an unpaid bill of $60 000.

The scams he pulled gave Rocancourt an enviable lifestyle – he married a former Playboy playmate, Pia Reyes, and owned 2 Ferraris.

After Los Angeles Rocancourt appeared in Long Island where he began introducing himself as Christopher Rockerfeller, an international businessman.

Taking money from people looking to invest in the Stock Market he would later attest that he wasn’t a thief, just that he was unable to repay due to his arrest!

Falling foul of the law once more, he skipped bail and departed for Canada, where he spent the winter skiing before finally being arrested by Mounties.

Arrested for scamming a Canadian business man out of $100 000, one can only imagine how he is spending his time in jail.

When he gets out he will have had plenty of time to reinvent himself once more, a long list of names to use and plenty of plans….

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