Choosing Your Network Monitoring Applications Software

If there is one thing that companies and agencies rely on for their daily operations then that would be the reliability of the performance of their network applications.

If these are in anyway interrupted or impeded, this could mean a huge setback or detriment to the company or agency.

It doesn’t matter how big a company is; as long as it operates with a network of computers on which the company mostly relies on for maximum performance, the network applications are extremely important.

Network monitoring or utilization is not enough; every aspect of the network must be monitored and this includes monitoring the network applications.

There should be visibility in all application processes and traffics in order to ensure that the company is operating well.

choosing your network monitoring applications and software

choosing your network monitoring applications software

Understanding Network Application Visibility

When people speak of network application visibility, they generally refer to the broad monitoring of the network applications.

This means that all applications that affect the network is recognized, discovered and monitored.

Every application is fully accounted for regardless of the purpose for which it was installed and operated.

It may be used for business purposes or recreational purposes – it doesn’t matter.

Visibility requires that all applications are fully accounted for.

By network visibility, a complete picture of this aspect of networking is fully covered and all possible decisions relating to the operations of these network applications would have considered everything.

Application visibility might include monitoring 200 or more applications in the network.

The applications may range from the really simple ones to the complex ones.

Visibility also includes monitoring of applications that are customized specifically for the needs of the business.

It also takes into account applications that are broadcast, multicast as well unicast.

This also includes applications that are purely web-based and applications that respond to the next-generation needs, that is, instant messaging, peer-to-peer, VOIP and others.

Choosing Network Monitoring Applications Software

You’d generally find various software for network monitoring applications online.

Like most products, you should know what to look out for and what to buy.

First and foremost, you need to find a software that is comprehensive.

It should ensure visibility in application monitoring.

There are some factors that you have to consider when you are choosing your software.

For instance, a great application monitoring software would be able to monitor all application in your network.

It should be able to give you updated reports on every application.

When you are choosing your software, you should take into primary consideration the operation of your business.

Do not choose the software that prioritizes recreational applications over business applications.

Lastly, when choosing your application monitoring software, make sure it’s the kind of software that would help you create informed decisions when you need to.

When choosing your network monitoring applications software, make sure that the software can do at least all of the following –

  1. Monitor and report on recreational activities or use of computers within the network
  2. Give visibility of applications
  3. Identify network performances and analyze them for financial decisions
  4. Identify individual and group protocols on how to properly use the applications
  5. Optimize the network performance
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