Choosing Between Internal And External Hard Drives

Many times you will need more disk space on your hard drive.

When you encounter this need your first choice will probably be whether you want an internal hard drive or an external hard drive.

If you decide on an internal one you should definitely do a little research and find out what type of hard drive you need.


Internal Hard Drive

Many computers only have one hard drive and adding another one is not very hard.

However, you should make sure that static will not be a problem during installation by wearing an anti static bracelet.

You will need to be very careful at the wires because failing to do so will result in damage of your computer.

There are three types of wires: PATA, SATA and SCSI.

Usually, you will encounter the first two types and SATA is now the most common with newer hard drives.

Another problem you might encounter is having two hard drives already installed on your computer.

External Hard Drive

If this is the case, you should definitely take into consideration installing an external hard drive.

This is because a third hard drive will become more difficult to install.

The easiest way of ensuring you have more disk space is by installing an external hard drive.

You will have to add the external hard drive to your computer and this is very easy to do; you can do it through an USB port.

Therefore, it is a relatively easy thing in comparison to installing another hard drive.

(The main downside with external hard drives, however, is the fact that they tend to access the data on them much slower in comparison to internal hard drives)

The great thing is that it will not lose its functionality as you will be able to copy files, pictures and everything and you will be able to use it as a normal hard drive.

The only difference is that it will be connected to the exterior of the computer (which of course makes it more portable).

The great thing is that if you will need even more space in the future, you can easily change the external hard drive or add an additional one.

However, when it comes to replacing an internal hard drive you might have problems.

In conclusion, if you do not know whether to choose an internal or an external hard drive then you should think about what you need exactly.

If you have only one hard drive, it is easier to install the second one.

However, you will need to research a little bit among the options you have.

On the other hand if you already have two hard drives, you should choose an external hard drive which will be very simple to install and replace.

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