Chinese Hacking – New Premier, Same Old Rhetoric?

On the whole I think you would have to agree that the relationship between the United States and China is a little frosty right now, not least due to the hacking concerns that have had such a high profile in the media lately. So, with China having just elected a new Premier – Li-Keqiang – things could either get better or worse.


But the truth is, things seem to be pretty much the same bar, perhaps, a slightly more positive outlook on the future.

Speaking in his first news conference yesterday Li dismissed hacking claims against China as ‘groundless’ but did say that China were committed to building stronger ties with Washington going forward. He also reiterated that China, far from being the bad guys in national hacking were, in fact, a major target themselves.

“I think we should not make groundless accusations against each other but spend more time doing practical things that will contribute to cybersecurity.”

Li said that the world’s two largest economies don’t need to be in conflict and called for respect and understanding between the two nations. Li also said that China’s new leaders “attach great importance” to relations that meet the “fundamental interests of people in both countries and serves the global trend of peace and development.”

So I guess US web interests can breathe easy and sleep well at night now knowing that Chinese state operatives won’t be hacking them then?

Hmmm… we’ll see….

photo: FriendsofEurope

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