Chinese Android Botnet Snares More Than A Million Users

With over 420 million users the Chinese mobile market has become big business for legitimate app designers. And with the number of users who seemingly don’t check the origin of their apps the rogues are doing very well too it seems.


In fact, China is now home to the biggest Android botnet ever, comprising over a million users, who have been infected by malicious apps. Security researchers claim that the botnet is spreading through a Trojan that is affecting over 7,000 apps. Unsurprisingly, it appears that the Trojan is spreading over unlicensed third-party app stores which are still surprisingly popular in some parts of the world, despite the obvious risks.

Warnings about third-party app stores are still seemingly falling on deaf ears though and the Trojan, dubbed Android.Troj.mdk, is still going strong.

Once the Trojan is installed on a device it will allow the botnet to take complete control of it, acquiring SMS messages, phone numbers, contact details and more. It will also download unwanteds applications that will slow down the smartphone, drain the battery or even generate aggressive adware. Users have been advised to monitor call and data logs for unusual behaviour.

To protect themselves from this menace, Chinese Android users are urged to install a mobile security solution, regularly check the data traffic and call history and make sure they know and approve the permissions required by some apps they acquire from non-authorized sources.

photo: IntelFreePress

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