China: Stop Pointing Fingers And Lets Work Together

Beijing –

“Play nicely and stop making accusations against us or we’ll throw our toys out of the pram and tell mummy”


Well, ok, maybe the Chinese didn’t put it quite like that but they are a bit miffed about the bad press they’ve been receiving recently with regard to some of the security shenanigans that have been occurring around the world lately.

You see, its not just the likes of Facebook and The New York Times who think that Chinese hackers have been up to no good – some Germans are getting in on the act now too.

ThyssenKrupp, a steelmaker, and European Aeronautic Defence and Space (EADS) have now said that they were hacked by the Chinese last year. It has also been reported that over 1,000 cyber attacks were aimed at the German government last year, coming from foreign intelligence services.

This prompted a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, to say the following –

“China has cooperated in the areas of cyber security and law enforcement with 30 countries, including Britain, Germany and Russia. It has developed an overall mechanism for fighting cyber crime and hacker attacks,” she said, adding that China hopes relevant parties will stop lodging accusations and work together to safeguard cyberspace security.

There was also what I see as a thinly veiled threat in the press conference too –

“Hua said some countries have treated cyberspace as a new battlefield, justifying their efforts to build up their own cyber arsenals by making their own rules for how cyberspace should be treated.

Hua said these activities have increased the risk for a potential conflict.”

Are the Chinese right to ask for understanding and open minds? Perhaps, as some have suggested recent attacks may in fact have come from Eastern Europe rather than Asia.

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