China Responsible For Rise In Fake Eggs

This is the third and final post in today’s quiz.

The other two posts were the drunk driver and the Halloween hanging.

Anywhere between nought and three of these stories may be true.

Likewise, nought to three of them may be hoaxes.

Can you spot which are which?


China Responsible For Rise In Fake Eggs

A recent police raid on a wholesale centre in Guangzhou city, the capital of China ‘s Guangdong province, netted a large quantity of fake eggs.

The gang behind the ruse had been making a huge profit from their enterprise for several years it is alleged.

The fake eggs wholesaled for 0.15 yuan each which is half the price of a real egg.

A police spokesman reported that the fake eggs are so convincing that they will pass a visual inspection from most consumers.

This led the gang to diversify into training courses which would pass on their techniques to students for just $150.

Egg construction

Egg whites are formed from a variety of materials, such as gelatin, powder, benzoic acid, coagulant and alum.

The egg yolk, is constructed using a yellow colouring powder which is mixed into a liquid and then stirred.

The mixture is then poured into a specially produced and patented plastic mould before being mixed with calcium chloride which gives the ‘yolk’ a thin outer membrane which allows it some firmness.

The completed egg is then created with a custom design mould to give it the appearance of a real egg.

Once this stage is complete the shell can be completed.

Paraffin wax and an as yet unknown white liquid are poured onto the fake egg and then left over night in order to set.

The fake eggs are so well created that cracking them open reveals a runny yolk and they will, at first, appear to cook in much the same way as a real egg.

Those unfortunate enough to have tasted them, however, have reported that they have a taste similar to that of eating a wax candle.

A medical spokesman stated that an excessive intake of calcium chloride can cause early dementia so consumers tricked by this scam should not experiment by even taking a small taste of these fake eggs.


What do you think?

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  1. I got this one wrong

  2. ***** This post was a HOAX ******

  3. Ok, Jon’s correction means he is now the first person to correctly guess all of today’s TRUTH or HOAX posts.

    Well done Jon, you got there in the end with some logical thinking.

  4. True

  5. I dont believe anyone can fake an egg to fool someone close up so I say hoax to this one.

  6. Of course, on second thought, if you disallow comments, there won’t be room for making specific comments on specific items, which I think is part of the fun…

    It already seems that the majority of the fake/not votes for all three land on the last one as it is, perhaps I should just keep my mouth shut and let things work themselves out eh?

    Now I am running late, really got to run!!

    Back in a bit


    • I’m already looking forward to seeing if you can be the first to guess correctly!

      • Ok, I have entered my speculation on all three.

        For those who aren’t subscribed the the comments and don’t wish to hunt, I will detail them here!

        1. Alcohol Beverage Controller – True

        In addition to the fact that this is a plausible sort of thing and that it is highly unlikely to have any basis for being formed in myth or hoax form, this was the final one I submitted to Scam last week, so I was already familiar with it! (cheat, I know. But I admitted it, so not really wrong?!)

        The other two, I had not had any prior exposure to.

        2. Haunted House Hanging – True

        Domestic disturbance makes this seem plausible. If you have ever watched COPS or the likes, there are some pretty crazy peeps out there doing some pretty crazy stuff. Don’t know what this guy was thinking, but then again, I am not sure if any of them think.

        3. Fake Eggs in China – True, no wait, false!

        Although nasty, and hard to believe, without a doubt, there are people desperate enough to make a quick buck… that… hold on, there is something wrong with this picture… you are telling me that they are going to go to all that work, mixing ingredients, and waiting for this thing to pop out all so that they can distribute something that is going to come back to them very quickly??? For this to work, you would have to play it for the long term… not profitable on the first few runs… these people would have been shooting themselves in the foot…

        I formally change my answer to False!



        I better go correct before anyone sees my answer!


        • Just saw your comment, didn’t realize you were watching so closely. Next week, I will have to “write up” my reasons first. Apparenty, that is where all my thoughts come together.

          I will admit defeat 🙁

          This time… I’ll be back…

          Next week!


        • I know how you answered first time Jon so no getting away with it!!! 😀

  7. Dang, you guys got the jump on me, I totaly forgot about Hoax or Not Sunday!

    I am on my way out the door, I will have to take a closer look at these in a couple of hours.

    I hope that you will not post the truth until I get a chance to weigh in!!


    • No fear of that Jon – I won’t post the ‘truth(s)’ for several hours yet.

    • By the way, I did them as seperate posts again because otherwise a single post becomes too long to read effectively.

      • Good point, and thanks for waiting! Perhaps a good solution would be a note on all three to only post comments on the final post (and do you have an option to turn off comments for individual posts?) Just a thought.

        I will drop my thoughts as soon as I can!


        • That’s a possibility and, yes, with WordPress it is very easy to allow / disallow comments on a post by post basis.

  8. Im not sure I can believe this one either

  9. Fake eggs? Pull the other one! This aint real, its a yoke 😀

  10. Carla Hughes says:

    That sounds rather far fetched. I say HOAX.

  11. But you never actually told me that you were bald!
    Ah caught you!

  12. But I thought you said you were bald??!

  13. oh I am not that old in fact I am not old at all!I have not even made it to half a century!

    • I have to dye my hair grey in order to try and look my age.

      I’m late 30s but all the girls at work say I only look 22 🙂

  14. I am likely to make a century soon!

  15. I will shut up for now, I think else…rest will find out!!!

  16. Oh no you sound like I got ALL wrong!

  17. Truth
    (very interesting)

  18. Dionne Collins says:

    This sounds so stupid that it simply has to be true

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