China Calls For Rules On Cyber Espionage

China are yet again denying their involvement in several recent high profile cyber attacks which have taken in the likes of The New York Times, Facebook and the Reserve Bank of Australia. The Chinese government believe that allegations of their involvement are unfounded and part of a smear campaign designed to tarnish their reputation. Maybe they have a point?


With that in mind, the Chinese government have called for ‘rules and cooperation’ with regard to recent hacking concerns.

“China, a frequent target of cyber attacks, supports international regulations under the United Nations to keep the Internet peaceful, free and secure, he said, saying the relevant parties should stop irresponsible attacks and accusations against China.

The international community is closely connected through the Internet, therefore cyberspace needs rules and cooperation, not war.”
Wen Weiping, China Daily

Chinese officials have been keen to stress that their country is also a big target and victim of cyber attacks too and that it is not just a problem being faced by the United States. Just how true that assertion is we may never know but it does seem very likely indeed to me.

As to what rules could be brought in to increase cooperation though I do not know – these governments quite simply do not trust each other and are no doubt all attacking each other and will continue to do so whether the UN gets involved or not won’t they?

photo: Fuzzy Gerdes

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