Cher And Alec Baldwin Twitter Accounts Hacked, Used To Promote Diet Spam

Another week and another couple of celebrities have had their Twitter accounts hacked. As seems customary under such circumstances both accounts were used to promote diets that are of dubious value.


The two high profile victims to be affected this week responded in somewhat different ways…

First to fall victim was Cher who was alerted to the dodgy tweet coming from her account by her followers. She replied in a surprised but dignified manner, thus –

Alec Baldwin, whose account also unwittingly put out a diet tweet was obviously a lot more surprised at what had happened –

– though a minute later he seemed to have calmed down somewhat when he followed that outburst up with a somewhat calmer update –

Whilst celebrity accounts being hacked is nothing new I do wonder how it is managing to happen so often. Is it because they are so high profile that the most talented hackers of the world spend hours on trying to break into their accounts or is it because they don’t get the basics of security right, i.e. their passwords suck? Or perhaps they just need to take advantage of Twitter’s new two factor authentication?

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