Checking For The Flashback Vulnerability If You Are On A Computer That Runs OS X

For years Apple was known as a company that did not have to worry about computer security. When people used to talk about the battle between Microsoft and Apple, the first thing that would be mentioned was the fact that Apple did not have to worry about malware and Windows users did. But the truth is that Apple users always did have to worry about security issues when it came to their computers.


The reason for this was twofold. First of all, Apple computers did have the advantage where they were not the most used computers out on the market. This means that the black hat hackers did not get the wide net that they desired. If you are a bad guy and you have the chance of having a wider net by targeting the Windows operating system then you should go for it. Also another problem that the black hat hackers had when it came to Apple computers was the fact that for many years it was harder to create malware for the systems. For years Apple based computers ran on the PPC architecture. For black hat hackers to go after Apple computers they would have had to learn an entirely different chip set than they were used to. A lot of the code that causes mayhem when it comes to malware is done in the assembly level of coding. And a PPC based computer assembly language would play by different rules than an x86 Windows based computer.

But now times have changed and there has been malware found in Apple products. Right now the Flashback vulnerability has been big in the news. And now people who use Apple based computers are getting worried. This is something that they did not have to worry about in the past and now here it is waiting for them.

Luckily for Apple users there have been plenty of tools released to get rid of this particular kind of malware. There is even a website that you can go to called It will check your computer and see if you have an issue.

But be careful when you go to sites that claim that they are able to clean your computer from the Flashback infection. Some of these websites might have an infection of their own that they are trying to distribute.

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