Check Your Android Permissions Before You Run Any Of The Apps From Google Play

In the past couple of years smart phones have come to dominate the tech scene. And everyone can pretty much agree that it is apps which are the biggest reason why. While internet access is also a big reason why people get smartphones, they were able to get internet access before on other feature enabled phones. But with the past feature enabled phones they were not able to get the apps that they are able to now. No matter how old or young the person is who gets the phone, they will always enjoy the wide array of apps that are available to them.


And that is why many people pick up Android based phones up. They like the fact, that like the IPhone, they are able to have a mini computer in their pockets at all time. And it doesn’t matter what you need the phone for, there will be apps that will be able to fulfill your needs. Do you need the phone for work? Then there are plenty of apps that you can use no matter what field you are in. Do you want to have fun on your commute back and forth to work? Then again, you will find that there are plenty of apps to choose from. You can play games or enjoy some trivia while you are on your way home. It is just like when you got your very first desktop computer. You wanted to install a bunch of stuff on there just so you could see what the computer could do. But it is a very different world these days than it was when you got your first desktop. Now we have to worry more about our security when we surf the web and do anything on the computer.

And that is the one thing that you have to remember when you are using your apps. Or better yet when you are first installing the apps to your phone. These apps always ask permission before they are installed on your phone. The permission is set for many different things. For example, the apps may ask permission to use the internet when it is connected to your phone. Or the apps may ask permission to gather the contents of your address book. There are a variety of permissions the apps may ask for.

This is why you have to be aware of the permissions that you give the apps when you first install them. If you do not trust the app and you are only just mildly interested in it, then you might decide that you do not want to give the app that much freedom. Or you may decide that it is not the app itself, but the publisher who created the app that you do not trust. You might see that they do not have a positive reputation when it comes to the other apps that they created. If that is the case then you want to make sure that you pay attention to the permissions very closely.

How bad can it be?

When you give an app that you shouldn’t trust permission to use certain features on your phone then you are opening up a gateway that you just can’t stop. Let’s say for example that you gave a bad program the permission to open up and store the contents of your address book. Now that bad program can use the information that is in your address book and start spamming those people. Or if you also gave internet permission to the app, it can send that information to a home server and it can try to take over those people smartphones as well. The bad guys figure that since they were able to fool you then they might be able to fool your friends as well. This is the same as the old email address book attacks that you used to happen in the past.

The main permission that you have to worry about is the internet permission. This gives a bad program a wide variety of attacks to choose from. And it is hard not to give an app internet permissions since so many of the apps these days ask for it. This is why you have to be careful when you are picking which app to put on your phone.

Android based phones have a large variety of permissions that you have to look at for. They want to make sure that you are allowing the programs that are installed on your phone, explicit permission to do what they are doing. But a lot of people unfortunately do not read these permissions and just skip by them. If you do that then you really have to be careful on which apps you let on your phone.

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