Check The Permissions Of The Apps On Your Android Device

There has been no better time than now in the short history of mobile phones. They are becoming more and more popular by the day. The Christmas that just went past saw an explosion when it came to the sales of smart phones even though the economy has not been the greatest. A smart phone was just the right price point for anyone who wanted a good, powerful electronic device but did not want to pay monster prices. Not only do you get a solid and dependable device, but you did not even have to break the bank to be able to do it.

Check The Permissions Of The Apps On Your Android Device

The most popular smart phone this past holiday season was, for once, not the IPhone. While it has led in the past, this time it was the year of the Android based phone. There was just so many powerful Android based phones out there that people had a great time being able to scoop them up easily. The IPhone was a very popular phone to get as well but with no major updates and so many great looking Android phones, the alternative choices were just too enticing.

But with all of the excitement of getting an Android based phone, people must remember that there is some stuff that you have to worry about. And this mainly comes in the form of apps.

A big reason why people pick up smart phones is that they like to use the apps that are on there. The apps are what make the phone a mini computer and not just a regular phone. If the app feature was not there then people would not feel the need to spend so much money on the phones themselves. But you have to make sure that you treat downloading apps the same way that you would when you are on the computer.

When it comes to apps, the biggest thing that you have to look out for is the permissions. When you are getting ready to download an app to the phone from the app store, it will ask you do you accept the permissions of the app. These permissions include items such as go on the Internet or change the wallpaper background. Some apps will even ask permission to access your contact list. If an application does not advertise a feature that you think will need these permissions then do not install it. There is a good chance they are trying to trick you.

Malware on the Android is very small percentage wise but you should still be careful. If you use common sense when it comes to permissions then you will be able to avoid a lot of problems in the future.

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