Check The Misspellings Of Your Domain Name To Make Sure That Your Users Are Safe

There are a lot of ways that the bad guys will try to get a hold of some users that they can exploit. That is just the name of the game. In order for the bad guys on the web to be able to make any money they must be able to get a lot of people and be able to exploit them somehow. The truth of the matter is, even when it comes to legitimate ads on the web, most people are going ignore them and not even give them a second thought. If that happens when the ads are legitimate the bad guys are going to have an even harder time getting anyone’s attention. So the bad guys on the web will try to force you think about their products by making you install them no matter if you want to or not. They will use different programming techniques into fooling your computer to installing the software that they want you to. But to do that they still have to get you to come to their websites.


And that is where the real problem starts to form. How can you get people to come to your website? What most of the bad guys do is go to crowded web structures and place links that will lead you into traps that they have created. But some of the bad guys of the web take it a step further. They use what they know about people and how they use the internet to get you to come to them without them even trying. The way that they use is that they will register a misspelling of a popular domain name and wait for the people to come there. And once they do come there that is when they will set their trap.

Yes, the misspellings of popular domain names can be big business. That is until you are sued by the company who owns the real domain name. But every day when people are trying to get to one site they mistakenly type in another. For example, they will be trying to get to and they will mistakenly type in It happens all of the time. One slip of the finger and the next thing you know you are on a website that you have never ever seen before. And that is what the bad guys are hoping. That one slip of the finger will bring you to their website and once you are there they will be able to have their way with your computer.

That is why you should really pay attention to the domain names that are in the address bar when you are surfing the web. You do not want to end up on the website when trying to get to another. And do not think that you will be able to tell the right website just by how it looks. A lot of these hackers who try to get you to go to the wrong website will make the graphics look just like the website you are supposed to be on. The only difference will be is that there are a few more ads than normal. And the website might run a little bit more sluggish than you are used to.

So when you go to a website, make sure you always check the domain name of that site. This way you will be able to prevent being caught in any traps that are set up by black hat hackers who are on the web. If you just take this little bit of a step you will be able to increase your security by a large amount.

photo: TedsBlog

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