Charaf Anons / Anonymous Algeria Deface Over 1600 Websites

It looks like Charaf Anons of Anonymous Algeria has had one heck of a weekend. After defacing 72 websites yesterday another 1600+ can be added to the list today. A combination of government, education and private sites were hit with over half of them being Chinese in origin (yeah, I know no-one has any sympathy for those guys right now).


The entire list of sites defaced can be found on Pastebin along with a short message –

This is a special deface for Palestine
#Deface by : Charaf Anons
#Team : Anonymous Algeria
#Twitter : @CharafAnons
More then 1600 site defaced Anit-Israhell

– which shows that this is part of #OpIsrael.

Visiting any of the sites on the PasteBin list will leave you seeing this defacement –


For more information on Charaf Anons and Anonymous Algeria be sure to follow @HackRead who has built up some contact.

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