CD Data Recovery Tools

From speaking to some of my friends I have drawn the conclusion that some, if not all, of them believe that recovering lost data from a CD is next to impossible.

Luckily, they are wrong.

CD data recovery is indeed possible and it can be used to recover all sorts of data that would otherwise have been lost, including pictures, video clips, music and just about anything else that can be stored on a digital disc.

CD data recovery tools

CD data recovery tools

Why Does Your CD Need Recovering?

In the ideal world, lost data on a CD should not cause any dramas because sensible users backup everything they do.


Alas, many people still don’t create backups of their important data and do not learn that lesson until they have actually lost something that was important to them.

With the plethora of cheap CDs, DVDs, internal and external hard drives and USB sticks there really aren’t any excuses for not having good backups these days.

Putting that to one side, there are a few reasons why the data on a CD could be in need of recovery –

  • A scratched disc
  • Virus infection at the time the disc was created
  • Errors when the disc was created/mastered
  • Problems with the data itself when it was burned to the disc

CD Data Recovery

Problems such as those listed above can make it difficult to recover data from a CD but not necessarily impossible.

There are several data recovery tools available and some of those are inexpensive.

Multi Data Rescue

Multi Data Rescue, from Naltech Software, is a tool used by many experts to recover lost data from CDs.

Multi Data Rescue is an effective piece of data recovery software which can be used for damaged, scratched or defective CDs and DVDs.

It can also be used with USB drives and memory cards.

Multi Data Rescue easily recovers unreadable, deleted or corrupted files and runs on the Windows operating system.

Best of all, it is user-friendly and so could be used by almost anyone.

BadCopy Pro

BadCopy Pro is a piece of software from Jufsoft that can recover corrupted or lost data in minutes.

The current version, v4.10, allows users to recover lost data from documents, images, and even applications.

You can download the full version from $39.50 or even check out a trial version for nothing.

Of course these aren’t the only two programs available for recovering the data from a CD; there are many hundreds of others that are a quick Google search away.

You’ll have to check each out to see which fit your needs but the point is, recovering data from a CD is not as impossible task as you may think it is.

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