Imperva: “The Anatomy of Comment Spam”

Imperva Inc. today released its June Hacker Intelligence Initiative report, “The Anatomy of Comment Spam.” The June report presents an in-depth study of how a relatively small number of attack sources are responsible for the majority of comment spam traffic. The report goes on to show that identifying comment spammers quickly and leveraging IP reputation […]

Almost Half Of All IP Addresses Sending Spam Tied To Just 20 ISPs

Over recent years online criminal activity has become increasingly sophisticated. Virus writers have moved out of their bedrooms and joined hardcore criminal gangs, hackers have moved on from defacements (largely) and onto exploiting legitimate sites from which to lure their victims. But some things haven’t changed much and thats the dark corners of the net, so-called bad neighbourhoods.

Does Anyone Want The Items That Seem To Be Advertised In Spam Messages?

Spam is not going to go away any time soon. What you will see is better and better ways to defend against it. And in the meantime, because there is a security factor to it, you should avoid clicking on all spam at anytime. You never know which one is going to be safe and which one is going to be dangerous.

Watch Out For Chain Mail That Goes To Your Email Address

You have to remember that when you are online the rules are a little bit different than when you are in real life. And you must be willing to adjust accordingly. A chain mail that goes through your email is not the same as a chain mail that is sent to you through normal mail. With the wrong click of a link someone could wipe out your checking account completely.

The Real Problem With Spam

When you are surfing the net there are several things that you have to worry about. Downloading the wrong file or giving too much information is just some of the examples that you have to look out for. You should add to that list dangerous spam messages as well.