Promoting Your Security Skills On Social Media

No matter who you are, promotion is very important when it comes to building up your recognition in the computer security communication. And when you do start to get that recognition you will find that it will lead to better opportunities and more higher paying gigs.

Lookout For Permission Requests When It Comes To Facebook Apps

Remember the apps on Facebook are fun but just like with anything else on the web, they can be dangerous as well.

Logging Into Twitter From Third Party Services And How Safe Is It Really?

When it comes to the safety of using third party services as both a replacement Twitter and as a login client is that you have to be careful with who you are using. There are a lot of services out there who can request you use their services and they will be able to get all of your Twitter information once you do.

Facebook Is The Only Weapon That The Bad Guys Need

While it is fun to interact on Facebook with your friends and family you have to be really careful when you are putting information on there. You have to remember that your friends and family will have people that they are connected to on Facebook as well that you do not know.

The Dark Side Of Twitter Trending Topics

When it comes to the trending topics on twitter you have to be really careful when you click on links. If you are not then your computer will pay for it.