What The Hack? Over Half Of UK Businesses Would Consider Risky Recruitment Practices

While the country at large continues to struggle through the aftermath of the 2008 banking crisis, the world of InfoSec continues to live in a bubble of its own making. As millions of people continue to live from paycheck to paycheck, struggling with negligible annual pay rises (and they are the lucky ones), security professionals […]

Privacy Campaigners Rejoice! AT&T Disables Supercookies, Verizon To Offer Opt Out

In a video I watched earlier this week all round top man and tattoo destroyer Raj Samani made the obvious (to some) observation that the value of personal data continues to increase while, interestingly, the perceived value to the person it belongs to continues to drop. In time, he said, that will change and, thanks […]

Data Breaches Go Postal: 800,000 USPS Employees And 2.9m Customers Potentially Affected

Another day, another breach. This time the victim is the US Postal Service (USPS) which discovered the incursion in mid-September. This latest breach, which the Washington Post has already speculated may be the work of Chinese government hackers, is believed to have occurred between 1 January and 16 August this year. In a statement released this […]

Gone In 30 Minutes: The Rise Of Manually Hacked Email Accounts

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For many types of business one of the biggest boons of the internet is its ability to offer scalability to the organisation. Unfortunately, it’s not just the honest business owner who knows that. Email hackers have long since learned how to automate their attacks in order to compromise as many accounts as possible in the […]

Security Awareness Should Be As Common As Health And Safety Training, House Of Lords Committee Told

Hugh Boyes, a cyber security expert at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), has told a House of Lords committee that a basic level of security knowledge among employees is critical in the modern business world. A reliance on a small number of professional security staff is insufficient and cannot he provide the level […]