Summer is here and that means it’s time to vote for your InfoSec heroes

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again – various infosec awards are being prepared and a few select people will be walking home with shiny new trophies over the coming months. How do you win one, I hear you say. Good question I reply. As things stand, there are two such events open for nominations […]

Man who owned for a minute receives reward, gives it all to charity

Last week I wrote an article for Nak Sec about Sanmay Ved, the ex-Google Display Specialist and Account Strategist who snapped up the domain for just $12. He may have only owned it for a minute but that was enough to get the soon-to-be-Alphabet to take notice. The Mountain View company realised its mistake […]

Growth of cloud and mobile technologies fuels continuing demand for IT security skills but training still not a priority

Recruitment consultancy Robert Half Technology has recently published a new report which throws out some interesting but not entirely unexpected figures about the demand for IT security professionals. As you can probably imagine, that demand is set to remain high with just under half (47%) of UK CIOs saying they are likely to beef up their teams […]

The Rant Conference 2015 – Blisters, T-Shirts And Self-Inflicted Social Engineering

Having attended and thoroughly enjoyed the previous two RANT conferences in 2013 and 2014, the anticipation for this year’s event was huge. So huge in fact that I am reliably informed that I picked up ticket #001. With the day booked as holiday some months in advance, I was well set, until the pesky tube […]

#RANT2015 Breakout: Jen Jenny And The Axeman’s Jazz

[note: it’s a Life On Mars thing, in case you were wondering] So, as many of you know, I like to write something up after I’ve been to a conference and this time is no exception. But I am going to do it differently this time. Mainly because I’m tired – the tube strike forced […]