Does Facebook ‘Hacker’ Who Ignored Disclosure Rules Deserve $10,000 Community Donation?


Should we organise donations for bug bounty hunters who screw up? I don’t think so.

What Can The Luis Suarez Transfer Saga Teach You About Securing Your Business Assets?


Arsenal think £40 million plus a packet of cheese and onion crisps should be enough to secure the services of Luis Suarez but how did they arrive at this figure?

Rising Stars, Hidden Gems And Honoured Company


Not only do I feel shocked but I guess also a little embarrassed that I’ve probably kept far more qualified people off of this list. I honestly do not know why anyone perceives me as being an authority on infosec issues but I certainly appreciate those of you who do.

My New Role Thanks To Brian Honan


When Brian Honan asked if I could take on the position of Social Media Manager with BH consulting I couldn’t say anything but “yes”!

Ubisoft Hacked, Notification Email Could Have Been Better

Its ok, the company has only lost my username, email address and encrypted password so its not all bad eh? Its not like they have some draconian DRM system in place when all is well is it???

I’m Not The Role Model You’ve Been Looking For


Hopefully that subtle use of the Force worked but, if it didn’t, do read on… So, you’re looking to work in infosec but things aren’t panning out how you would like. I know how that feels. And now, after receiving several hundred emails this week, I know that there are many other people out there [...]