Be Careful When You Configure Your Operating System

When you have any system that allows the user to change any aspects of it there are bound to be holes. It is up to you as the end user to make sure that the changes that you are making does not lead to security problems down the line.

Why Learning How To Reverse Engineer Apple Products Is A Good Idea For Your Computer Security Career

You can no longer just know the internals of the Windows operating system and hope to get by. You have to make yourself familiar with the Apple suite of products as well. And it does not hurt if you start to look into the Android suite of products also.

Make Sure That You Set Your Windows Security System To Automatic Update

When you are using the Windows operating system the best thing that you can do is make sure that the updates are set to automatic. That way you can be sure that they are installed in a reasonable amount of time.

Using Linux To Access Your Windows Machine

Since most of the web is based on the UNIX philosophy it is easier to just use Linux when you are dealing with it. And since most of the security issues that we deal with these days are web based, Linux is the perfect tool.

Should You Think About Getting The New Windows 8 Operating System For Security Reasons?

If you want to make sure your network is protected to its maximum abilities then you might want to think about moving to the new Windows 8 system. But if you think that your network is fine and it is up to speed when it comes to security then you might want to wait until the next version of Windows comes out.