GCHQ And NSA Harvesting Data From Angry Birds And Other Apps

Angry Birds NSA GCHQ

Spies in Britain and the US have been harvesting data from popular smartphone and tablet apps according to new revelations that come from documents leaked by ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Those documents suggest that games, social networking apps and mapping tools are providing the intelligence community with location data and information about users’ age, sexual [...]

Why Learning The Internals Of Your Favourite Smartphone Is A Good Idea


So if you want to get into a new field that is sure to be big and pretty exciting for the next couple of years then you should look into the security aspect of the new smartphone market. You will be right on the cutting edge and learning something new all of the time.

Ways That Your Smart Phone Could Be Used To Spy On You


When it comes to being able to protect yourself online you have to know the technology that you are using. You have to know the many ways that it can harm you as well as help you.

How To Safely Use Your Social Media Websites When You Are On Your Mobile Phone


When you are using your phones to visit these social media websites you can let your guard down without meaning to. It is understandable since most of the time when you are using your mobile device you are on the go and you do not have the same time that you do when you visit these sites at home.

The Permissions That You Give Your Mobile Phone Are Very Important


If you want to make sure you keep your phone safe, always check the permissions that the app is asking for. If it is a permission that you do not think it needs then you should worry about putting the app on the phone.

Even The Small Updates Are Important When It Comes To Your Mobile Phone


The next time you see an update message for your phone you should pay attention to it. The bad guys are trying to get into your phone just like they tried with your computer. It is the security updates that will be able to stop them.