The Threat of Cross-Platform Malware #Infographic


Just a few years ago I remember reading many articles and comment sections on a number of blogs and websites where opinions about operating systems and malware were interesting to say the least. Back in the day, many seemed to think that Windows was the only operating system that had a problem with viruses and [...]

Criminal Organisations Using Malware To Spy On People


We all know that Hollywood tends to stereotype people. We see it all of the time when we watch movies. They do not care whether the stereotype is accurate or not, they will go with it because that is what people are used to seeing. Just look at the stereotypes that they use when it [...]

How Worms In Web Applications Are Able To Spread So Quickly


Worms can be quite a problem if you are running a corporate network. They are able to spread so quickly because they target that network in particular. Once they have found a way then it is able to spread and do its damage. So make sure if you are running a corporate network that you are able to see the signs of a worm right away.

When Malware Tries To Escape Detection You Might Want To Use A Different Method Of Attack


Dealing with malware that hides is no fun. Make sure you do not panic and try to right tools for the job.

Fake Computer Tools Are Becoming One Of The Biggest Problems When It Comes To Distributing Malware Over The Internet


Remember, just because a certain piece of software tells you that it is a tool that will keep your computer safe does not mean that it is true. Do some homework on it first so you can determine whether it is safe or not. A quick Google search can be all that stands between your computer becoming infected or not.

Are Bug Bounties Really Worth The Time And Effort Of The Security Researcher?


A bug bounty is when a company offers money for someone to come in and try to find holes in their product. There is a very loose set of rules put in place and if the person is able to find any bugs then he wins some sort of prize. But a lot of companies who now do this put several different levels of prize money in place.